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James Pendleton’s Olympic competition ends in style!

James Pendleton’s Olympic competition drew to a close last week with a fantastic response from entrants, the vast majority of whom found all six Golden Bats hidden throughout the company’s website!

Marianne I. van Abbe winner of James Pendleton Olympics Competition

Marianne I. van Abbe winner of James Pendleton Olympics Competition

Table Tennis Final - Photo © Marianne I. van Abbe

Table Tennis Final – Photo © Marianne I. van Abbe

Photo © Marianne I. van Abbe

Olympic Podium – Photo © Marianne I. van Abbe


Lee and Lucy Pendleton chose the winner at random from all correct entries on Friday and were delighted to name Marianne I. van Abbe of Battersea as the lucky winner!

Here is Marianne’s account of her prizewinning experience:


I was very pleasantly surprised at and really enjoyed the extremely warm reception and “standing ovation” I received at your Clapham South branch, on Monday, when I collected my prize.

Such a nice, spontaneous, reaction to my arrival at Balham Hill.

My guest, Cathy, and I, had a really great afternoon at the ExCel London North Arena 1 and the Table Tennis matches were extremely exciting.

The seats were fantastically well placed so our view of the T.T table was perfect, enabling us to follow the competition with ease, though there were also plenty of overhead screens, on which we enjoyed, close-ups, replays, and additional coverage and info, during breaks.

The position of the section, where we were seated also enabled us to see, face-on, the arrival of the athletes and officials, the introductions, the seated team members not in play, the team coaches and all athletes during breaks, not to mention the eventual Medal Ceremony.

One couldn’t have asked for much more…….

As it immediately appeared that the Chinese Team had the upper-hand in spectator supporter numbers, we decided to root for the “underdog”, Korea, who unfortunately were unable to conquer the superbly skilled and strong China contingent (they got all 4 gold medals in these 2012 Table Tennis competitions!).

James Pendleton would like to sincerely thank everyone who entered the Olympic Competition, and special thanks go to Marianne for her fantastic account of Wednesday’s events, she has really brought the spirit of the Games to South West London!


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