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Best Local Business-Orao Hair Studio

James Pendleton reviews Orao Hair Studio, Balham

James Pendleton reviews Orao Hair Studio, Balham

The James Pendleton staff have only good things to say about Orao Hair Studio in Balham. The team at Orao fuse modern styling with outstanding craftsmanship to produce a wide range of innovative and classical hairstyles.

The salon’s fusion of elegance and edginess perfectly suits the vibrancy and diversity of their clients. What’s more, the team are known for their friendly and considered customer service, and their thorough consultations help to make the styles their clients want become reality.

We interviewed Artistic Director Liliana to find out more about what motivates Orao Hair Studio:

  1. What would you say your Studio is best known for?

I’d say we are best known for styling hair for weddings both nationally and internationally.  In the studio, dip dying is very popular at the moment.  We provide our clients with all types of hair treatments from cuts to restyles and are known locally for our stylish elegance and honest, friendly approach.  

2. What advice do you have for someone who’s unsure of what hairstyle they’d like?

First and foremost we ask our clients what they absolutely would not like-this is the best way to find them a style they are sure to be happy with.  The hairstyle you choose will stay with you day in, day out, so it’s important to go for something you’ll be comfortable with and will find easy to maintain.  If you do want to go for something fashionable but high maintenance, we will gladly advise you on how to style it at home.

3. How have styles changed in Balham over the past years?

Recently, textured and voluminous hair has overtaken sleek, straight hair in the popularity stakes.  Our clients today favour curling tongs over straighteners, and we have seen fewer people asking for sharp lines-it’s all about creating an effortless and versatile style suitable for both home and work.

4. What is your experience of Balham and South West London?

Balham is getting funkier all the time-there is a great mix of young professionals and creative people in the area which means we see plenty of innovative styles pass through our door.  I’ve also noticed a lot more men experimenting with their hair in recent years, which is fantastic.

5. What one piece of haircare advice should everyone know about?

It’s vital to choose the right product-men should not wash their hair with shampoo every day as this removes protective natural oils from the hair.  Similarly, too many or the wrong type of product can damage the hair and accelerate hair loss.  For women, particularly those with long hair, I would recommend treating your hair as you treat your skin-moisturise and refresh regularly and trim off dead and dry hair often, just as you would exfoliate your skin.

6. If Balham was a hairstyle, what would it be like?

If Balham was a hairstyle it would be a combination of trendy and classic; a style that looks good without too much maintenance would be perfect for the busy and sociable people of Balham!

7. If you could sum up Orao in 3 words, what would they be?

I would say we are elegant, yet fashionably edgy.

Orao Hair Studio:
020 8675 9259
153 Balham Hill SW12 9DJ


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