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Design Agency in Fulham & Parsons Green

Offering tailored design solutions, web support and expertise across a range of media platforms, Eclectic Blue are a fantastic Fulham based design agency highly recommended by the James Pendleton Marketing team.  Giles Tobin and his team can provide anything from one off consultancy or an individual design artwork to a complete rebranding, all with a refreshing lack of confusing jargon.  We’ve spoken to Giles to find out more about how his team can help South West Londoners.

How long have you been based in South West London and how do you feel about your neighbourhood?

I’ve been living in the Fulham & Parsons Green area  for ten years now and I have always loved the village feel the area has, in particular the fact that independent local business really thrive here.

What is your most common design request / what do you spend most of your time working with?

The majority of work we do revolves around advertising and marketing (billboards, flyers and brochures) for local companies in South West London such as restaurants, fashion retailers, property companies and venues.

What is your favourite part of your job?

I love the networking aspect of my job, I am always meeting new people and my job is varied and sociable which is fantastic.

Has the world of design changed a lot of late and how would you advise anyone looking to keep up to speed with trends and tips?

I would advise businesses to keep on top of Social Media news and trends in particular.  However, it’s also important to keep advertising in your neighbourhood; when moving around the global village, don’t forget your local village!

What common mistake do people make with design work?

It’s very important to seek advice and do your research before publishing design work, as a bad first impression can be very damaging to a brand.

If Fulham was a brand/logo what would its ‘personality’/style be?

I would have to say professional and friendly, but with real character and personality!

You can contact Eclectic Blue at should you have any design request.


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