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Lifestyle Interiors: Property renovation and Interior design in South West London

Lifestyle Interiors: Property Development in South West London

Lifestyle Interiors: Property Development in South West London

Lifestyle interiors are a building company offering a comprehensive design & build service spanning from concept to completion. This locally based company’s services come highly recommended by James Pendleton’s Angel department with whom they work in conjunction.  The multi skilled team are able to deal with property issues large and small and are pleasant and thorough to work with.  Contact James Pendleton’s Angel department for more information

  1. Tell us more about the range of services you offer:

We supply and fit loft conversions, extensions, refurbishments, kitchens, bathrooms, flooring and wetrooms. The products are all on display in our showroom.

2.  How long have you been working in South West London, and would you consider yourselves local property experts?

We have been in the area for over 25 years and have done a lot of work for local residents in South West London, so we would consider ourselves property experts and local specialists.

3.  What’s the most challenging project your team have taken up?

The most challenging project involved installing a 13 meter beam flushed in to the ceiling in a double storey height house, cutting each individual joist in the process. Furthermore a grand oak staircase needed to be supported by 2 steel beams, T-ing from the 13 meter beam!

4.  What is the most common mistake you see when it comes to maintaining or reporting property issues?

We often encounter and deal with cowboy jobs by previous owners, especially when it comes to plumbing and electric works.

5.  What would you say are the current interior design trends in South West London?

Sleek and modern yet glamorous and sophisticated- the on-going local preference is for an elegant yet contemporary style. Simplicity of form compliments luxurious materials and finishes.

South West London is an up and coming area and residents look to achieve a luxurious and timeless style to show off the true value of the area.

6.  Do you have any tips for homeowners to help their property maintenance work run as smoothly as possible?

Communication is vital; we always ensure the client is aware of the work schedule.  For things to run smoothly it’s helpful that both ourselves and our clients make sure the place is kept as tidy as possible and dust sheets are used.


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