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Best Local Businesses in Fulham and Parsons Green: The Chelsea Day Spa Boutique

If you’re looking for specialist beauty treatments in a unique and luxurious setting in the heart of Fulham and Parsons Green, then The Chelsea Day Spa Boutique on Wandsworth Bridge Road is the place for you. Opened in September by Faye Fasan, the day spa is the third sister spa in the South West London chain and offers a range of luxury services from makeovers to massages in a decadent and intimate boutique style setting. Signature therapies and treatments suit the changing seasons and make up fantastic spa day gift ideas, whilst express services such as New York Style Manicures, Pedicures and The Chelsea Day Spa Blow Dry and styling are perfect for a lunchtime beauty boost.

The Chelsea Day Spa in Fulham

The Chelsea Day Spa in Fulham

We spoke to Spa owner Faye Fasan about the Spa’s inspirations and influence.

1.  How have you settled in to your Fulham and Parsons Green neighbourhood and what are your impressions of the area?

The Chelsea Day Spa Boutique has really settled in well to SW6: it’s a lovely area to be in, with a wonderful community feel!

2.  What does your spa offer that sets it apart?

We pride ourselves on offering unique and exclusive ‘affordable luxury’ spa treatments performed by qualified therapists in a beautiful environment without compromising on quality, by using high grade, professional products.

3.  Which are your most popular treatments?

Our most popular treatments are our express New York Manicures (£17) and Pedicures (£23): high gloss, groomed nails in just 30 minutes; plus our signature: The Chelsea Day Spa Blow Dry, which costs just £15 for a wash, condition and blow dry (£5 extra for long hair).

4.  In your view, have perceptions of beauty therapies changed over time and in what way?

Perceptions have definitely changed. As most have become time poor, they are looking for the same results from their beauty and wellness regime without cutting corners. We have devised packages whereby treatments can be performed simultaneously, meaning the client can experience more treatments within a shorter time frame. During this tough economic time we have kept our prices at a highly competitive rate and have devised signature express treatments permanently set at an affordable value that last no longer than 30 minutes each. We feel clients are also looking for more results driven treatments and so offer various therapies including collagen boosting, cosmeceutical HydroPeptide facials, Darphin and  more to deliver this to them.

Exterior of  The Chelsea Day Spa in Fulham

Exterior of The Chelsea Day Spa in Fulham

5.  What would be the perfect treatment or package to beat the winter blues?

HydroPeptide is a fantastic facial to help skin beat the winter blues. It’s utterly hydrating, nourishing and is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. This facial is packed with peptides to help boost the natural collagen levels in your skin so it is left feeling and looking more plump, healthy and with a natural glow for days to come. It’s also great for skin that has battled with harsh elements including the cold weather, wind and dehydrating central heating.

6.  Tell us something people are surprised to learn about what you do / about one of your treatments.

Most people are shocked at the affordable prices we offer at The Chelsea Day Spa! They are astonished that you can get a seriously good blow dry for just £15 and that with our New York Manicures and Pedicures you can choose from a great selection of shades by professional nail care brand Jessica for just £17 and £23 respectively.

7.  Which of your treatments do you feel best sums up the Fulham and Parsons Green area?

Including the express treatments previously mentioned, I would say that that non-invasive, top-to-toe glamorous grooming packages we offer best sum up the area. These quick fix treatments are incredibly popular and give our guests an instant beauty boost without too much time commitment without costing the earth. We offer strip and hot wax, brow shapes and tints, lash extensions and tints and of course manicures, pedicures and blow dries.

Check out The Chelsea Day Spa Boutique and learn more about the Fulham and Parsons Green area here.


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