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Fybre Fitness Hub: Gym in Battersea Northcote Road

One of the hallmarks of a successful independent business is the union of good service and real character, both of which Fybre Fitness Hub gym in Battersea Northcote Road has in abundance. Read through the gym’s website and you will notice a real dedication to providing a bespoke fitness experience suited to each user’s needs and abilities; it’s easy to see why the gym is highly recommended by James Pendleton Estate Agents’ Battersea Northcote Road team. Moreover, Fybre Fitness Hub provides a wider and more innovative range of activities and experiences than the typical national chain. The gym’s extraordinary ‘swimpod’ allows users of all abilities to swim in a multi-sensory environment of their choice, while parent and child yoga, wellness weekends for women and hi spec cycle training equipment exemplify the outstanding range of choice offered to clients looking for a gym in Battersea.

We’ve asked owner Rus Harrison to tell us more about the motivations behind this unique gym on Northcote Road.

1.  What was your inspiration to set up Fybre Fitness Hub?

I developed the site on Northcote Rd over a period of 2 years and during the construction one of the many eureka moments was when I realised I had the chance to create the gym of my own personal dreams: a place on my doorstep and the antithesis of ‘corporate’, a bespoke and warm and friendly place, a fitness extension of everyone’s home.

2.  Could you tell us more about your Swimpod?

A gorgeous place to ‘escape’ the world outside, the Swimpod is yours for 30 minutes to 1 hour.  You are completely on your own and can swim or do water aerobics or just relax, all to the sound of your favourite music.

3. How have people responded to your parent and child focused programmes and activities?

Our kids’ yoga is full every Tuesday afternoon and we will soon be putting on more classes.  We also have a full class of mum and baby yoga classes….time to extend!!!

4. Do you have any special offers on at present?

Watch this space! (and our website!).

Fybre Fitness Hub: Gym in Battersea

Fybre Fitness Hub: Gym in Battersea

5. What fitness activities would you recommend to a beginner?

Definitely come along to a Zumba class!  It’s great fun and you ‘forget’ you’re exercising because you are completely focussed on the dance. The gym is totally geared towards those who are putting their toes in the water for the first time.  We will set you a goal programme perfectly suited to your fitness aspirations.

6. How do you find working on Northcote Road?

I love Northcote Rd…don’t we all!

7. Do you have any favourite Battersea haunts?

I love going to Wandsworth Common with my kids at the weekend….and dare I say I also enjoy a half a pint of Sambrooks in the Northcote! Hey, it’s not all about working out – you have to spoil yourself a little too!!


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