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Atlantic Row 2013 – an exceptional adventure for two Wandsworth locals

Wandsworth and Lambeth are two superb boroughs to live in if you’re a community minded, local-park-on-a-Sunday-afternoon kind of person.  Ours is an area where local initiatives flourish and new business ideas are given time to grow; in short, this is a special part of London and Dan Howie & Will North’s Atlantic Row challenge perfectly exemplifies South West London’s combination of friendliness and dynamism.

This local duo (Dan is based in Wandsworth Common, Will in Battersea) have done wonders to promote their challenge and the causes they’re supporting and have gathered a huge following in the local area and beyond including from Estate Agents in South West London. These causes are Cancer Research UK, Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research and St Anna’s, charities with which the pair have a strong connection (see their website for the full story).

Meet the team: Dan and Will

Meet the team: Will and Dan

It’s not too hard to see why Dan and Will’s challenge has gathered such a following; this is a crossing that only 300 intrepid explorers have even attempted to complete.  Made famous recently by Ben Fogle and James Cracknell’s widely publicised success, the challenge requires a gargantuan amount of physical and emotional endurance as well as an absolute necessary combination of self-reliance and team commitment.  It is the difficulties the pair face and the positivity with which they approach them that has captured the hearts of schools, retailers, local organisations and Estate Agents in Wandsworth, Battersea, Clapham and Fulham.

The boat...

The boat…

The trip will require Dan and Will to row one on one off in shifts of two hours.  To prepare for the strain this will place on their bodies the pair have embarked with enthusiasm upon a busy calendar of visits, promotional appearances and mini challenges alongside their rigorous training.  As Dan puts it, “If one of us is unable to make training one day, the other always tries to arrange a demo in front of a local business to raise awareness; that way they still get some training done!”  Look out for Dan or Will this summer in public spaces, shop fronts and events in South West London.

Dan and Will’s commitment and hard work have earned them publicity in local and national press and write their own dedicated blog so fans and followers can keep track.  As Estate Agents in South West London with a dedicated South West London blog and lively Social Media presence, we will be supporting their journey throughout; it is wonderful to see local residents setting such a good example to all!


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