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Area Focus: Northcote Road, Battersea

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The area around Northcote Road is one of the most popular parts of Battersea and has had several names since it was established following the construction of Clapham Junction train station in 1863.

These monikers for its Victorian streets include ‘Between the Commons’ to denote its position between Clapham and Wandsworth Commons, and more recently ‘Nappy Valley’, a name that reflects the large number of families who have settled here in recent decades.

But it should be known as Falcon Brook Valley. Northcote Road is really the original course of Falcon Brook, one of London’s long-lost rivers; the roads on either side therefore run down to the river’s former banks.
The area’s popularity attracts fame of a different sort. Current and former residents include Take That singer Mark Owen, TV presenters Phil Spencer, Melvyn Bragg and Konnie Huq, actor Prunella Scales and scientist Professor Brian Cox, to name a few.

Northcote Road once hosted one of the capital’s larger open-air markets but today, although some stalls are to be seen particularly on Saturdays, the main draw is the riot of foodie emporiums, supermarkets, cafes, restaurants and children’s clothing shops on Northcote Road. This, together with the proximity of Clapham Junction, the leafy Commons on either side and the area’s flurry of good primary and secondary schools all make it a family friendly utopia. The catchment areas of Honeywell and Belleville schools are some of the most sought after.

The most fashionable places to live fall into two categories. The first is to own a four or five bedroom house on one of the streets directly off Northcote Road (so Bennerley, Belleville, Bramfield, Kelmscott, Mallinson, Salcott and Wakehurst Roads); the second is to buy property overlooking Wandsworth Common on Bolingbroke Grove.

Other popular areas include the roads leading off from the end of Northcote Road as you travel towards Balham, and the roads closer to Clapham Common.

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