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Spotlight – Local Business Solo Jewellery

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At James Pendleton Estate Agents we pride ourselves in being a part of the communities we serve across South West London. Our strap line ‘We live here’ is founded in the heart of our business; our team live in the locality and therefore know it best. We support our community in various ways, most recently at the Abbotswood Road SW16 Street Fair where we met local entrepreneur Claire Haughey who was running a hugely successful jewellery stall.
Claire is a resident of Balham who started her own business selling jewellery after being inspired on a holiday in Spain. Recently Claire has been preparing for a ‘Pop-up’ event on Wednesday May 6th 2015 at Gallery Midnight on Ritherdon Road, Balham SW17. We spoke to Claire to find out more about the business and her extremely popular upcoming event.

What made you interested in starting your own business selling Jewellery?

Well the business really came to me when I stumbled across a beautiful jewellery shop whilst on holiday in Spain and knew instantly that I wanted to import it to the UK mainly because it was different to any other jewellery that I had seen before. Everything is handmade and designed by a team of very talented designers who source the materials, buckles etc. from all over Europe but mainly Italy. I knew that it would sell really well in the UK.
Its popularity at the Abbotswood Road SW16 Street Fair proves how successful it’s been for you so far! How long have you been selling jewellery?

I have been selling the jewellery for just over a year now, concentrating mainly on charity events, school Christmas fairs and a few corporate events. I also do house sales and am now exploring pop up shops and sales out of London too.

The range of items you sell are beautiful, how do you describe this type of jewellery?

The jewellery I sell is very much costume jewellery and is bold and chunky. All the necklaces and bracelets are made from either cotton or leather but also some are made from unusual fabrics like pony skin which have lots of texture. They come in a huge array of colours for all seasons. However it is the buckles and fastenings that add to the uniqueness of each piece; for example the wrap around bracelets, triple cuffs etc. The materials are sourced all over Europe but are handmade by my designers in Spain.

Do you ever do custom designs?

I can do custom designed pieces but tend not too mainly because there are so many unusual pieces for people to choose from that this is not really necessary. Sometimes if somebody wants a necklace in a specific colour, I can do this, but I try and always have a good selection to suit everyone’s tastes.
Where can we find you and your beautiful jewellery?
I am based in Balham SW17 and work from home but travel out of London to different fairs to sell my jewellery. People can visit my Facebook page and I can also send people my brochures by email so that they can view the whole collection. I am also going to be working on a website in the next few months. My Brochure can also be viewed here.
The future sounds very exciting! We know your hosting a ‘Pop up’ event in soon. Can you tell us more about it?
I will be running a pop up shop on Wednesday May 6th 2015 at Gallery Midnight on Ritherdon Road, Balham SW17 from 9 am to 9 pm where I will be selling my new summer collection.
With me will be a few friends also selling their goods – Tray Chic (personalised trays), Fibi and Co (practical objects for the house), Three Grey (beautiful interiors and household items) Emma’s kitchen (delicious homemade brownies).

Thank you Claire we look forward to seeing you there again.
For more information about how James Pendleton support the community and local businesses contact us today.


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