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Fresh sustainable fish in Battersea: Faircatch

Did you know that it takes between 6 and 13 days for fish caught for supermarkets to reach the shelves? Surprisingly this is a common boat-to-plate timescale and while such fish is not classed as rotten, the difference can definitely be tasted, seen and smelt.

Wandsworth fish suppliers Faircatch started up recently for precisely this reason. Current supermarket procedures not only impact on flavour but also on texture, nutritional value and, more widely, the environment. The reason supermarket fish is so ‘old’ is that it is sent to stores via a series of steps including sale in a fish market, factory gutting and cleaning and widespread distribution in lorries. Faircatch collects fish from day-boats on the south coast, which eliminates most of these steps (you can see this illustrated here).


Because all fish sold by Faircatch is caught in the UK produce is seasonal, with recent catches including flounder and huss. “The Marine Conservation Society encourages us to diversify our choice to help preserve fish stocks. We should be eating more of these delicious, locally-caught species and doing our bit for our seas” said owner Guy Dorrell recently via Facebook.

Faircatch delivers fish weekly to Barmouth Kitchen in SW18 or The Draft House on Northcote road. You can buy fish from them via a membership scheme where you sign up for weekly or fortnightly collections for 4 or 8 week periods. Some of our team of London estate agents have tried Faircatch and can thoroughly recommend a membership-there is an enormous difference between the firm, fresh produce they supply and often-listless supermarket fair. Give Faircatch a try and be pleasantly surprised.

You can follow Faircatch on Facebook here or Twitter here.