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Bellevue Fair 2013 a roaring success

Bellevue Fair is a local fixture in Wandsworth Common and is loved by local residents and visitors alike. The fair perfectly encapsulates the vibrancy and community spirit of this rather unique part of London.  Sandwiched between Tooting and Clapham Junction, both popular neighbourhoods in their own right, what’s surprising about the area surrounding James Pendleton Estate Agents’ Wandsworth Common office on Bellevue Road is its leafy tranquillity in such close proximity to the metropolis.

James Pendleton dog Lily won second prize for Best Female Dog

James Pendleton dog Lily won second prize for Best Female Dog

With wares ranging from food samples to books and crafts, the independent retailers along Bellevue Road created a one day market offering up the unique flavours of the neighbourhood.  Other local businesses such as James Pendleton, an award winning estate agents in Wandsworth, decided to provide the visiting public with a fun challenge ideal for a weekend family stroll.

The company, which markets properties for sale and properties to rent in Wandsworth and beyond, had great success in 2012 with a fast paced ‘Cash Cube’ challenge, and this year gave giant gaming a family twist with a scaled up version of board game favourite ‘Operation’.  Participants competed for cash prizes by removing ‘body parts’ including the infamous funny bone in the quickest time.  With a fun atmosphere (created by the James Pendleton team’s ‘surgical’ attire) and prizes awarded to children and adults alike, plenty of passers-by left the office smiling.

Bellevue Road is lined on one side with boutique style shops and pubs as well as Michelin starred restaurant Chez Bruce, while on the other side the Common stretches northwards.  For the 2013 Bellevue Fair the park played host to the Mayhew Animal Centre’s dog show, an ever popular attraction thanks to Wandsworth Common’s enormous popularity with dog owners.

The event, which ran from 10am to 6pm, culminated in a raffle drawn by popular TV property personality Phil Spencer.  The raffle prizes were contributed by businesses along Bellevue Road and formed an absolutely fantastic prize list including an unusual offer from James Pendleton Estate Agents’ Angel department.  One lucky winner will benefit from the department’s free and secure concierge service plus £250 towards home maintenance works.

To find out more about the James Pendleton Angel department contact or call 020 7501 1045


Bellevue Fair’s giant Operation game: will you beat the clock?

James Pendleton Bellevue Fair Giant Operation

A sneak preview of James Pendleton’s Bellevue Fair Giant Operation game

The annual Bellevue Road Summer Fair is nearly upon us and promises entertainment, refreshments and excitement for all the family!  This year’s fair will take place on Saturday 7th September and local businesses along the picturesque local thoroughfare are busily setting up stalls which promise to make this year’s event particularly thrilling!  The team at James Pendleton Estate Agents’ Wandsworth Common office on Bellevue Road are no exception as this year they will be inviting local visitors to compete for a fantastic property prize in a scaled-up version of a challenging family favourite: Giant Operation.

A gigantic buzzer board game will be constructed outside the Estate Agents’ Wandsworth Common office on Bellevue Road for the duration of the day.  Visitors will have the chance to compete against their rivals and the clock in a contest that sees the person completing the challenge successfully in the quickest time walking away with an exciting prize!

The winner will receive a cash prize while runners up will walk away with bottles of bubbly.

Beside fun and games outside James Pendleton Estate Agents’ Wandsworth Common office there is a lot to keep visitors to Bellevue Fair occupied.  A dog show with special judge has been arranged to take place on the Common itself (to the delight of the area’s large dog walking contingent) and children’s fun centre Bertie and Boo will provide entertainment and a selection of local musicians will provide a perfect backdrop to stalls bustling with local wares.  For the celebrity spotters of Wandsworth, look out for property expert and television personality Phil Spencer who will be announcing the fair’s raffle winners.

James Pendleton’steam have provided a very useful money saving prize to the draw, allowing one lucky local to benefit from an ‘Angel for a day’, £250 worth of property maintenance costs covered by the company’s pioneering Angel department.  In short summary, this department is here to help homeowners by taking care of keys, organising home repairs and acting as an emergency point of contact, and the winner will be able to take advantage of the full service whether a property owner or not.  In addition the Angel department will recommend contractors for a range of jobs, on which the winner will save £250.

The company are delighted to be a contributor to the Fair, which has been carefully planned for several months by the Bellevue Road Residents’ Association.  The Association is made up of, and jointly run by, a number of local businesses and each month representatives including from James Pendleton Estate Agents’ Wandsworth Common team are able to have their say on how the local area operates.  Groups such as these do a huge amount for the community, representing local needs and using the power of numbers to make important changes.

To find out more about Bellevue Fair contact James Pendleton Estate Agents’ Wandsworth Common office on 020 8673 7777; to learn more about the James Pendleton Angel department call Zara Salih on 020 7501 1045.


Best Local Business – Winkie Spiers, dog trainer and behaviourist

Winkie Spiers, South West London Dog Trainer

As any new puppy owner (including our CEO Lee James Pendleton) will know, training a young dog to be sociable, calm and well behaved takes time, skill and a thorough understanding of animals.  As most dog owners are hard pressed to achieve all three of these things, a dog trainer is a must.

Introducing Winkie Spiers is an established Battersea dog trainer, pet behaviour expert and chairperson of Pet Dog Trainers of Europe.  Winkie dedicates her time to working intensively with pets and their owners, ironing out the problems unique to each case and building the foundations for a successful relationship.  Doing so inevitably takes hard work and insight and we spoke to Winkie about what it takes to be a dog trainer.

1.       What inspired you to take up dog training professionally?

I grew up with dogs and horses so the choice to become a professional came naturally in a way.  However, after years in a corporate role, the turning point came with Dennis,  my own terrier, who had had a difficult life and presented many problems.  I spoke to a number of professional dog trainers about Dennis, but couldn’t agree with the suggestions they made, and this led me to research dog behaviour for myself.

2.       What is the most challenging aspect of your job?

It has to be facing the ignorance daily which surrounds dogs and dog ownership and can lead to cruelty, both direct and accidental.

3.       Is there anything dog owners are especially surprised to learn?

It has been proven scientifically that dogs are not pack animals – a misconception that the media causes many people to believe.  Dogs are social, just like people, and don’t respond to stern treatment as well as people think.  Like people, dogs can behave badly for many complex reasons – teenage hormones included!  Another thing people are surprised about is the amount of sleep and mental stimulation growing dogs need – puppies should rest for around 16-18 hours a day.

4.       Have you found that your training helps owners as well as dogs?

My clients really learn a lot from our training sessions – training a dog involves, to some extent, training their owner, too!  It can be difficult for owners sometimes to be told to change the way they treat their pets.

Winkie Spiers, South West London Dog Trainer

5.       How do you feel about South West London as a home for dogs?

People sometimes think the city is a terrible place for dogs, but London dogs really don’t lose out-in fact, they’re often better adjusted and more sociable than their country counterparts!  South West London is incredibly green, with plenty of parks and open spaces, and what’s more is a very dog-friendly part of the world.  As in any city owners have to be vigilant with their pets and ensure they get enough exercise, but a Battersea dog really does have everything they need on their doorstep!

6.       If the Northcote Road area was a dog, what kind would it be?

It would have to be a terrier-interesting, quirky, independent and tenacious!

7.       What one tip should all dog owners know?

I would say the most important tip is not to buy a dog based on appearance alone-choose your pet to suit your lifestyle instead!  Dogs are bred for a purpose, and whatever your pet’s individual personality, characteristics of the breed will shine through.  For example, Labradors and retrievers instinctively head for mud and water, so they aren’t the pets to buy if your home is white and spotless!