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Bellevue Bicycle Workshop – Bike repair in South West London

With over 12 years’ professional experience and a number of cycle mechanics qualifications under his belt, Tim Holroyde’s mobile cycle repair workshop is perfectly attuned to the needs of South West London’s dedicated pedallers and comes recommended by James Pendleton’s LivetoGive cycling team.  The Bellevue Bicycle Workshop hosts informative drop-in sessions at locations across Clapham, Battersea and Wandsworth as well as running a ‘totally pedal powered’ mobile repair service.  Tim’s friendly expertise helps set this innovative service apart at a time when more and more locals are taking up the two wheeled commute.

We caught up with Tim to find out more about how, where and why he runs Bellevue Bicycle Workshop.

•           Could you tell us more about the range of services you offer?

I offer a mobile repairs service that can attend your home/workplace, coupled with regular appearances at a few local farmers markets to offer my services. There is also a group saver section, headed ‘Bellevue Connect’ on the website, which gives a decent discount to syndicates.  I run maintenance skills workshops, which are designed to teach you whatever you would like to know and to build your confidence in diagnosing problems. There is also a brand new second-hand bike section (please see website for more information). I can also produce wheel builds to the lacing pattern and colour scheme of your choice, delivered by hand and fitted if required.

•           Why did you choose to set up a mobile service?  Did you notice a need locally?

I set up the service for lots of reasons really; firstly I needed something to do after being made redundant back in 2010. I had many years of expertise and had worked in the vast majority of places so I couldn’t see myself working for other people: to do so would have meant going backwards, getting sucked back into the cycle essentially. Secondly, yes, I felt there was a demand generally and being born and bred here in South West London, I felt I knew what local people wanted and more importantly needed. I consider myself very fortunate to have been in exactly the right place at the right time, and what’s more I consider this business an excellent platform allowing me to express myself and explore new ideas whilst still having the time to do the things I enjoy.

•           What are the most common questions people come to you with?

I get a lot of requests for puncture protection tips and general advice on tyres. A common one is ‘I’ve got a funny clicking sound coming from my gears!  I also get asked quite often about where to find a decent second hand bike.

                       Do you have any advice for someone wishing to keep a new bike in good shape for as long as possible?

Inflate the tyres once a week to prevent punctures and slow down tyre wear and tear. Clean and correctly oil the drivetrain and associated parts to keep them rolling  as smoothly as possible as they can be expensive to replace. Depending on the amount of use, a regular service every 6-9 months can keep on top of things you don’t fancy doing as well as pre-warning you of any future work that might need doing.

                       Do you have a favourite cycle route in South West London?

It has to be the part of Trinity Road that cuts through Wandsworth Common. It makes me feel at home riding past the place where I learnt to ride a bike and the small undulations in the road makes me enjoy it more for some reason. I’ve always loved that one! I also love riding through the many lines that Stockwell Skate Park has to offer. Having been my stomping ground for the past 11 years or so, nothing gives me more pleasure than feeling my tyres burn off the ground of this type of concrete; it allows me to blow off steam!

                       Are there any cycling events you could recommend in South West London?

There are a huge range of local cycling events in South West London.  London to Brighton is always a landmark event. Also Lambeth’s Bike The Borough and Skyride as well, to name a few.

Bellevue Bicycle Workshop: Bicycle repair in South West London

Bellevue Bicycle Workshop: Bicycle repair in South West London



South West London now better connected than ever thanks to the London Overground


For Clapham Estate Agents James Pendleton, one of the main appeals of South West London is the area’s excellent transport links.  A recent development to London’s suburban rail network has seen Clapham, Wandsworth and Battersea connected to new areas of London; a fantastic array of venues and London attractions are a short train ride away from leafy streets and independent businesses.

9th December saw a momentous change take place in the daily lives of South West London commuters with the unveiling of the London Overground extension linking Clapham Junction with Surrey Quays.  The new stretch of line passes through Clapham High Street and Wandsworth Bridge Road before reaching the UK’s busiest station with its varied local and national connections.

This new development marks an exciting time for South West London.  The time it takes to travel from Clapham Junction into North and East London has been reduced, and Clapham High Street and Wandsworth Road are now a short and hassle free trip away from Shoreditch, Islington and Canary Wharf.  Business commutes, nights out on the town and shopping trips have never been easier, with a fantastic range of travel options now available to residents.

The new Overground orbital is the first to make a full loop around London since the Circle line, opened in 1884 and promises to bring thousands of passengers out of central London by eradicating the need to interchange at major central stations.  Those who travel from Clapham to Canary Wharf will now have a shorter, cheaper and more hassle free commute, and venues in the proximity of the newly converted stations should see increased footfall and publicity over coming months.

You can see a video of the extension in action here, and for more information on award winning Estate Agents in Clapham visit the James Pendleton site and contact your nearest office.