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Area Focus: Northcote Road, Battersea

Estate Agents in Battersea

The area around Northcote Road is one of the most popular parts of Battersea and has had several names since it was established following the construction of Clapham Junction train station in 1863.

These monikers for its Victorian streets include ‘Between the Commons’ to denote its position between Clapham and Wandsworth Commons, and more recently ‘Nappy Valley’, a name that reflects the large number of families who have settled here in recent decades.

But it should be known as Falcon Brook Valley. Northcote Road is really the original course of Falcon Brook, one of London’s long-lost rivers; the roads on either side therefore run down to the river’s former banks.
The area’s popularity attracts fame of a different sort. Current and former residents include Take That singer Mark Owen, TV presenters Phil Spencer, Melvyn Bragg and Konnie Huq, actor Prunella Scales and scientist Professor Brian Cox, to name a few.

Northcote Road once hosted one of the capital’s larger open-air markets but today, although some stalls are to be seen particularly on Saturdays, the main draw is the riot of foodie emporiums, supermarkets, cafes, restaurants and children’s clothing shops on Northcote Road. This, together with the proximity of Clapham Junction, the leafy Commons on either side and the area’s flurry of good primary and secondary schools all make it a family friendly utopia. The catchment areas of Honeywell and Belleville schools are some of the most sought after.

The most fashionable places to live fall into two categories. The first is to own a four or five bedroom house on one of the streets directly off Northcote Road (so Bennerley, Belleville, Bramfield, Kelmscott, Mallinson, Salcott and Wakehurst Roads); the second is to buy property overlooking Wandsworth Common on Bolingbroke Grove.

Other popular areas include the roads leading off from the end of Northcote Road as you travel towards Balham, and the roads closer to Clapham Common.

For more information on property for sale or property for rent in Battersea speak to the team at James Pendleton Estate Agents’ Northcote Road office on 020 7223 8000.


Best Local Businesses in Battersea: V Clarke Makeup Artistry


V Clarke Makeup Artistry

V Clarke Makeup Artistry

We are always on the lookout for exciting new local businesses and James Pendleton  Estate Agents’ Battersea team have heartily recommended V Clarke Makeup Artistry. Providing skilled makeovers and friendly informed advice in a fully mobile service, Clarke’s 17 years’ experience with make-up has given her real expertise, which is backed up by an engaging, helpful and enthusiastic approach and a genuine desire to build a business which fits around her clients’ lives.

Vanessa has lived in and loved the Northcote Road area for over ten years and has worked with make-up since the age of 16.  While working full time as a teacher she often spent evenings and weekends helping friends, family and an increasing network of contacts to prepare for special occasions, and her eagerness to meet and help people has stood her in good stead in establishing her business.

“I launched V Clarke Makeup Artistry three months ago and while I have a huge amount of makeup experience I have found the administrative side of setting up a business a real learning curve” says Vanessa of her experiences so far.  “I knew I had to hit the ground running so I researched extensively before the launch but nothing can prepare you for the adrenaline and pace of the work itself.  While setting up the company has been a challenging experience it has also been immensely rewarding: I’ve met so many people who’ve shown real support and have found that if you work hard and with a positive attitude others will react in kind ”

Vanessa’s focus is on the needs and wishes of her clients and V Clarke Makeup Artistry is most definitely designed to fit around a lifestyle.  While visiting a salon is undoubtedly pleasant, a mobile therapist provides an added level of convenience and intimacy.  Having worked extensively with a wide range of products and brands, Vanessa is perfectly placed to make a recommendation and a convivial, relaxed setting means freedom from some of the pressures of salon life: you can relax, chat and test different products in the knowledge that the next client isn’t waiting in the foyer.

Having worked with wedding parties for years Vanessa is adept at handling the many small crises that can affect a bride’s big day.  Delayed deliveries, late arrivals and high expectations can make a wedding morning as tense as it is exciting and having a dedicated, experienced beautician on hand can make all the difference. That said, V Clarke Makeup Artistry is not solely tailored to wedding parties; working collaboratively with a freelance photographer as well as with numerous other independent local businesses, Vanessa’s network of contacts and eagerness to learn means she is uniquely placed to handle projects large and small.  Whatever your makeup needs you will surely benefit from a conversation with this thorough, experienced and thoughtful new business.

Parents in particular find V Clarke Makeup Artistry a breath of fresh air; with two small children herself, Vanessa appreciates the importance of time out, pampering and conversation, and as a mother and former teacher has a healthy respect for learning, teaching and the holistic approach to make up. “When people aren’t comfortable with the make-up they’re using they can feel both uncomfortable and overwhelmed.  It’s my job to remove doubts or worries and to use each client’s style and personality to inform their make-up choices.”

The female contingent at James Pendleton Estate Agents in Battersea branch have worked with Vanessa and don’t hesitate to recommend V Clarke Makeup Artistry.   The future most certainly holds exciting things for this energized, enthusiastic and ambitious new business.  If you would like to find out more about this beauty therapist in Battersea take a look at her Facebook page or contact her on 07834 835 462.

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Amazing kitchenware shop on Northcote Road, Battersea

kitchenware shop battersea

La Cuisiniere: Kitchenware shop in Battersea

As Northcote Road institutions go, you can’t do much better than La Cuisinière.  Owned by French native Anne Blackie, this popular kitchenware retailer has been a much loved Battersea stalwart for over twenty years.  As well as stocking near enough any utensil or cooking tool you might think of, La Cuisinière also leases cake tins and offers a wealth of cookware expertise via a very helpful website.  Of course, the best way to get to know La Cuisinière is to spend a while exploring its shelves and corners.  The store compares itself online to an Aladdin’s Cave and a better description could not be found.

Before you spend an hour pottering at La Cuisinière on Northcote road, take a moment to read our interview with Anne Blackie and find out what makes the store so special.

  1. Could you give us a taster of some of the cookware you have in store?

It’s hard to know where to start!  As a taster, our most popular brands are:

  • Le Creuset (Cookware)
  • ScanPan (Cookware)
  • Joseph Joseph (kitchen Accessories)
  • Global/Wusthof/Robert Welch/I.O. Shen (Kitchen Knives)
  • Good Grips (OXO gadgets)
  • Silverwood (Bakeware)
  • Nespresso (Coffee machines)
  • KitchenAid/Dualit/Magimix/Cuisiniart small electricals

The following types of item also prove popular:

  • Cake decorations and candles
  • PVC table clothes
  • Ceramics and glassware
  • Silicone tools
  • Children lunch boxes
  • Barware

2. How has La Cuisinière changed over the past twenty five years?

We haven’t really changed that much from the original concept of being a Cookware and Tableware outlet.  The only major change was when we opened La Cuisinière Too in 2003 due to the fact that we were desperate for more shop space.

The current set up was established in 2012. With the ever growing popularity and increased demand for home baking, our bakeware section was moved lock, stock and ‘rolling pin’ into La Cuis Too. The main shop of La Cusinière has always and still provides the best range and quality of all types of cookware.

3. Have you seen a big change in how much people enjoy cooking over the years?

Not really! Residents of Battersea have always enjoyed cooking and entertaining at home providing great meals for family and friends. As mentioned in the previous section, we have seen a steady growth in baking product requirements in recent years.

Trends: The last few years have seen a definite increase in simple and earthy types of cooking. (Pie dishes and casseroles sell well).

4. How long have you been in Battersea and why did you choose to open a store along Northcote Road?

Annie Price was the founder of La Cuisinière and she was the one who discovered Northcote Road and saw its potential. Not only did she open the shop in 1988, she also moved from Fulham to Hendrick Avenue at the same time. She sadly died in 2004. I was Annie’s first manager and have been here ever since!

5. Do you have a favourite eatery or food supplier along Northcote Road?

Over the years, we have often enjoyed going to Buena Sera and Lola Roja.  We regularly use the fishmongers in Northcote Road and for a treat, we buy our cheese and deli produce from Hamish Johnston.

6. Which are your favourite items that you have in store?

My recommended brands are:

  • Laguiole knives – beautifully hand crafted knives from France. Not particularly well known in the UK, but not many Frenchmen would sit down to a “steak frites” without one!
  • Le Creuset “buffet” shallow casserole. To my mind, one of the most versatile cooking implements in the kitchen.
  • Glover and Smith pewter tableware – handmade in England.
  • Ecozone –  a planet-friendly cleaning range.
  • Tala and Silverwood bakeware – Tala is deliciously retro in design and has hardly changed since the fifties! Silverwood’s tinware is made for the British market and made in Britain!

7. Could you offer our readers a cooking or baking tip which you couldn’t do without?

One of the most important tools in the kitchen is the kitchen knife. But it’s got to be of good quality and kept sharp! So my tip is to have a quality knife sharpener to hand where you prepare your food.  Each time you use the knife give it a swipe or two through the sharpener and you will always have the sharpest of knives.

Fybre Fitness Hub: Gym in Battersea Northcote Road

One of the hallmarks of a successful independent business is the union of good service and real character, both of which Fybre Fitness Hub gym in Battersea Northcote Road has in abundance. Read through the gym’s website and you will notice a real dedication to providing a bespoke fitness experience suited to each user’s needs and abilities; it’s easy to see why the gym is highly recommended by James Pendleton Estate Agents’ Battersea Northcote Road team. Moreover, Fybre Fitness Hub provides a wider and more innovative range of activities and experiences than the typical national chain. The gym’s extraordinary ‘swimpod’ allows users of all abilities to swim in a multi-sensory environment of their choice, while parent and child yoga, wellness weekends for women and hi spec cycle training equipment exemplify the outstanding range of choice offered to clients looking for a gym in Battersea.

We’ve asked owner Rus Harrison to tell us more about the motivations behind this unique gym on Northcote Road.

1.  What was your inspiration to set up Fybre Fitness Hub?

I developed the site on Northcote Rd over a period of 2 years and during the construction one of the many eureka moments was when I realised I had the chance to create the gym of my own personal dreams: a place on my doorstep and the antithesis of ‘corporate’, a bespoke and warm and friendly place, a fitness extension of everyone’s home.

2.  Could you tell us more about your Swimpod?

A gorgeous place to ‘escape’ the world outside, the Swimpod is yours for 30 minutes to 1 hour.  You are completely on your own and can swim or do water aerobics or just relax, all to the sound of your favourite music.

3. How have people responded to your parent and child focused programmes and activities?

Our kids’ yoga is full every Tuesday afternoon and we will soon be putting on more classes.  We also have a full class of mum and baby yoga classes….time to extend!!!

4. Do you have any special offers on at present?

Watch this space! (and our website!).

Fybre Fitness Hub: Gym in Battersea

Fybre Fitness Hub: Gym in Battersea

5. What fitness activities would you recommend to a beginner?

Definitely come along to a Zumba class!  It’s great fun and you ‘forget’ you’re exercising because you are completely focussed on the dance. The gym is totally geared towards those who are putting their toes in the water for the first time.  We will set you a goal programme perfectly suited to your fitness aspirations.

6. How do you find working on Northcote Road?

I love Northcote Rd…don’t we all!

7. Do you have any favourite Battersea haunts?

I love going to Wandsworth Common with my kids at the weekend….and dare I say I also enjoy a half a pint of Sambrooks in the Northcote! Hey, it’s not all about working out – you have to spoil yourself a little too!!

Northcote Road in Battersea – a culinary paradise

As any South West London resident will know, the area is home to a real wealth and range of inimitable eating experiences.

The streets of Clapham, Battersea and Wandsworth are lined with restaurants, delicatessens, cafes and farmers markets, and the energy and sense of community that surrounds streets bustling with such establishments brings plenty of inspiration.


Max Green, our Associate Director and Sales Manager at our Battersea office, knows the Northcote Road area well and heartily recommends it as the perfect weekend destination for those with a fondness for gastronomy.

“Northcote Road is a food lover’s dream.  There is no shortage of places to pick up your weekly stocks. We have two terrific butchers, a quality fishmonger and a very handy cheese shop. To name just a few local food hotspots:


The Breadstall – Always good for an early morning coffee and croissant. And when lunch time comes, there is a huge choice of sandwiches, pizzas, soups and or stews to choose from.


La Cuisinière – A strange choice for someone who isn’t blessed with remarkable culinary skill, but wandering through the incredibly well stocked shelves looking for an exciting gadget is something I can often be found doing.


The Northcote Road Market – This brilliant market sells everything from fruit to wedding photography. It’s well worth a visit if you are at a loss for what to do on a Saturday morning!”


What is your favourite place in Battersea?